Doug, (8/28/2014)

I had one casual lunch with Doug.  It lasted about 2 hours and it was relaxed and fun.  I felt safe and thought I would go out with him again. He starts texting me a lot instead of calling to talk.  This is a red flag because they are not connecting with you as a … More Doug, (8/28/2014)


Big Fake Brai

A guy on writes me and is telling me about all his educational degrees and it is all over his profile how extremely intelligent he is.  He has spent most of his career as a professor at a local University – he says.   He mentions that he is semi-retired and currently “tootering” to keep … More Big Fake Brai

Doug (11/18/2014)

Doug – (11/18/2014).  I was a little embarrassed to post about meeting Doug because he is only 43 (I am 61) and I felt really uncomfortable about the whole thing.  I am not usually attracted to much younger men. He was very persistent!  At my age, you have to appreciate a man with any testosterone … More Doug (11/18/2014)

Charles (8/28/2014)

One of my first dates on was with Charles (8/28/2014).  He was 73, retired, lived close, and described himself as active.  He was involved in a senior’s soft ball league so I thought he would be a pretty healthy guy. It was a bit of a wake-up call for me.  I am 61, run … More Charles (8/28/2014)