Charles (8/28/2014)

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One of my first dates on was with Charles (8/28/2014).  He was 73, retired, lived close, and described himself as active.  He was involved in a senior’s soft ball league so I thought he would be a pretty healthy guy.

It was a bit of a wake-up call for me.  I am 61, run 3 businesses, and a total gym rat.  This has kept my mind and body very active.  It is sad what happens to the idol mind.  He was slow and very set in his ways.

He started talking about his family and it just made me sad.  In his 40’s he had the opportunity to live overseas through the company he worked for.  They would have paid for his entire family to live there for several years.  He was so proud of himself for turning down this opportunity.  He has never lived out of Texas.  His children have adopted this backward thinking and have all stayed here as well.  How sad that such a close-minded person has had such a stifling effect on others.

He was just awful.  Looking back, I would have confronted him on this decision more.  It was one of my first dates in over 7 years, so I was a bit timid.

Obviously, I did not want to see him again.  He kept saying how thrilled he was to meet me and wanted to get together again.  For some reason, he thought that I had given him my phone number – got his Match women mixed up I guess.  It worked to my advantage and I blocked him.

I still think about that date, bad parenting, and how others’ decisions have such an impact on our lives.  I have had controlling men in my life, so I have great empathy for his family.  You have to be very strong to break away from a bully.


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