Liars, Gamers, & A Waste Of Time

George Clooney

Some of the oddest ones are the men who have never figured out the simple fact that women HATE liars.  When I get a ridiculous lie, it is insulting and the relationship is over.  All I can think is, do you really think I am that stupid?


Bob – we are messaging back and forth and seem to be hitting it off.  He asks if I have time to meet that afternoon. 

Me:  “I always have time to meet a gentleman”.

Bob:  “You are so nice to me, I have to be honest with you.”

Me:  “Yes, please be honest.”  (Thinking, yipes, he is married.)

Bob: “My pictures are over 10-years old, I have gained a lot of weight, and my name is not Bob.”

Me:  “I have not lied about anything in my profile.  I figure if someone does not like me because of my age, weight, or anything else – they are not the one for me.  I do not want meet you.”


Greg – writes me and is boasting about all the educational degrees he has.  He mentions that he is semi-retired and currently “tootering” to keep busy. 

I write back; “Tootering = Tutoring – !?!?!?”  

He got really mad at ME, so I blocked him.  This man actually created another fake profile on Match so that he could write me another nasty note.  He was angry at ME! 


Steven – Admitted to lying about his age (said 58, really 63), his pictures were over 10-years-old, and he was at least 50-pounds overweight.  His explanation was that he is in marketing and it’s all about the “packaging”.  I reminded him that he is not selling a product.  

This guy was such a game player, completely in it for the conquests.  I wonder if he will ever get tired of the games and realize he is alone.  Waste of time.  I still see his old picture on Match and just feel sad for him.


Again, I will never give out my personal information.

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