, Scammers & Safety

not a magician – is the dating site I am currently using.  There are others and I may try them all.  Match has the highest population of men my age.  I do not give out my personal information; email, phone, or anything else until after I meet them “In-Person”.  Match has a great App where you can message from your phone if you need to – there is no reason to give your personal information to anyone and it has proven to be a great idea.

If I meet someone and it just does not click, why waste our time?  I run my business on my phone and don’t want a bunch of calls from someone I really don’t want to see again.  I am sure some of them feel the same way about me, so it is a win-win!

There are also a lot of scammers and whack-off artists on the site and I do not have the time or patience for any nonsense.

Scammers = They give you a direct email to contact them telling you that their membership is expiring that day and they think you are amazing and just have to be with you.  Another scam is the “Sister” (brother, friend) scam.  You will get a message from someone portraying to be a sister raving about how wonderful her brother is and that he is too shy to be on a dating website and ask you to contact them directly because said brother has fallen madly in love with your picture/profile.

Whack-Off Artists = I think these guys are probably married, obese, or have some other issue that I cannot understand.  They will “Favorite”, “Wink”, or “Interest” you.  This saves your picture so that they can go to their computer and whack-off any time they want.  They never want to meet or communicate.

When they “Wink”, “Interest”, or “Favorite” me, I write this message; “I see that you have “Winked” (Favorited, Interested) me, why not just send a message?”  I give them a day and if I do not hear back, I block them.

Funny side note:  I hope I don’t end up blocking everyone.  Ha!

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