Personal Grooming?


Mike (10/30/2014) – This ranks up there with being one of the absolute worst dates I have ever had.  Please keep in mind that I have a sense of humor about all of this. You cannot make this stuff up and it is so hard to believe this actually happens.

Mike is running late so I wait outside because it is a beautiful afternoon.  A man approaches me and says my name introducing himself as Mike – does not look anything like his pictures. 

Apparently, Mike has decided not to bathe today – rancid body odor.  Mike does not open the door for me. 

I quickly approach the hostess to ask for a table outside, hoping to make it easier to breathe!  We sit down.

Mike has decided not to brush his teeth either – saving a bit of green between his teeth for later.  Charming!

I am a nice person.  I find it difficult to be blatantly rude to people.  I order my lunch, shake my head “yes” a lot, and bolt out of there like lightening!

He tried to get my phone number, NO way.  I could not be happier to be home, safe with my little puppy.

I start to wonder if men even have a brain.  Why would you show up to a date with no personal grooming what-so-ever?

It reminded my of a date a friend of mine had where the man showed up without his lower teeth! 

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