Pete – 3 Months Wasted


Pete (9/5 – 11/21/2014) – Three months of my life I will never get back.

Pete says he is 55 but looks older than his pictures.  I think he ended up telling me he was 58.  He is in real estate and co-hosts a radio show. 

He asks me out on the weekend several times always cancelling at the last minute making it impossible for me to make other plans.  He would only take me out during the week – married?  He invites me to his home, cooks dinner, and even asks Roary (my dog) to come.  I brought flowers and a bottle of wine.  Not married, no female signs at all!

Pete continues to disappear on the weekends.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings he is out doing things with his friends and posting it on Facebook.

He is in a men’s baseball league on Tuesday nights and talks about the women that other men include.  He never asks me.  He texts me after the games letting me know they won and how much fun he had!

This nonsense has been going on for 5 weeks now.  I have not trusted him enough to be intimate yet.  I talk to him about the things that were making me uncomfortable so we can try to move forward.  He says he understands so I figure it is time to be intimate.  I am human.


Pete is much taller than me and I do not notice that he has a comb-over.  He makes an attempt at oral sex.  I am trying to keep from laughing because his comb-over keeps flopping over onto my tummy.  He is awful at oral and I am having a hard time not giggling.  I tell him I want him “in” me – he does the rubber thing and is just as bad at this.  The worst sex I have ever had. 

If a man is selfish in bed, he is selfish in life – this is so true!

He texts me the next day letting me know that he is so booked up with social plans that he cannot see me until the next week.  One of the functions he is going to is Black Tie and says he is going “alone” – I don’t think so.  

This man has no intention of including me in anything.

I tell him I was no longer interested in anything more than friendship at this point and he blocks me on Facebook.  I find that odd.

About 2 weeks later he unblocks me on Facebook, texts me that he misses me, then starts his regular thing of not inviting me to go out anywhere and inviting himself to my place.  I say no, he blocks me again – weird.

Another two weeks later he texts me again, unblocks me on Facebook, and tells me again how much he misses me.


I text him back:  “Misogynistic, immature, ass.  You do not want to be friends with me – just want to put your penis in a hole – disrespectful idiot.  Do not contact me again.”  I then block him on Face Book, phone, and text.  

DONE!  Very satisfying, but so very strange.

I am completely mystified by this encounter.  I would expect such bad behavior from a 30-year-old, but a grown man?


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