Child Abuse, Repressed Memories

Dan (11/24-12/3/2014).  My first meeting with Dan started out amazing.  We spent 2 hours talking and laughing.  He was articulate, attractive, and seemed self-confident.  I was delighted when he called and set up an actual date at an upscale restaurant.vegan Dan is a Vegan, I am a carnivore.  I have dated men in the past with opposite food likes and somehow it just never works out.  It always becomes a hassle for both of us.  It’s the little things that can become really annoying as a relationship matures.

About an hour into our date Dan says; “My father sodomized me daily for my entire childhood.  It was a repressed memory that came out when my ex-wife and I were going for marital counseling.”  He has had 4 years of counseling to help him through his issues, which he seems to think is sufficient.  He also mentions that he has “mild” Asperger’s Syndrome. I am not personally equipped to be in a relationship with someone so broken.  I certainly have empathy for him. We saw each other one more time. 

He had ordered 4-dozen of my cookies (non-vegan) about 2 weeks before Christmas and we met in a casual restaurant.  He started giving me advice about how to run my day spa and spent the entire meal business-lecturing me.  It was tedious and boring.  I know he has never been in a day spa.


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