Julian – Many Years Ago, But Memorable!

Julian – Many years ago.  Why do men lie?

I was just divorced; I had been married for 16 years.  I have always been a gym rat.  One of my rules is never date guys from the gym, for all the obvious reasons.  It has worked out great.  The only problem I have ever had was when I broke up with a guy and he joined my gym to stalk me.  But, that is another story.

Julian was very attractive, charming, and attentive.  He asked for my number.  I asked if he was married.  He said he was divorced.

We talked often and he finally asked me out.  I hate when the next sentence starts out with;

“I just want to be honest.”  (How about starting out honest?)

Julian; “I am living with someone. 

Me; “Yes?”

Julian; “It is a woman.”

Me; “Yes?”

Julian; “She is pregnant.”

Me; “What?”

Julian; “She is my wife.”

Me; “But you said you were divorced.”

Julian; “Well, I am divorced from my 1st wife.  This is my second.”

Me; “Do not ever contact me again!”


Do men really think that women are nothing more than a hole to put their penis in?  I refuse to be anyone’s “blow-up” doll!

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