Doug, (8/28/2014)


I had one casual lunch with Doug.  It lasted about 2 hours and it was relaxed and fun.  I felt safe and thought I would go out with him again.

He starts texting me a lot instead of calling to talk.  This is a red flag because they are not connecting with you as a person.  It is also rude.

Doug texts late one night hinting that we should get together on the weekend, no definitive plan.  I let him know that I have previous commitments for this and the following weekend, that I work full-time, and that I have friends I like to spend time with.  He gets mad at me!  

I tell him that he needs to step-it-up if he wants to set up a date.  Doug took this to mean that he should start texting me at all hours of the day.  Texting me at 5 am – still not asking me out on a date.

I blocked him on, phone, and data.  Clueless!

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