DOC – 1/25/2015

This is the sad part of dating.  You meet a really nice, kind and respectful person and you just don’t have any chemistry.  Doc is a great guy.  He has probably been alone too long.  He is a little desperate and is hoping that I will at least give another date with him a try.  … More DOC – 1/25/2015

My Snoopy Shirt

I enter the room for my 3rd Flywheel Spin class.  I now know how to set up my own bike, torque, and speed.  I am still a little self-conscience but as soon as class begins they turn the lights down really low.  It’s a good thing because it is a stadium atmosphere.  If the lights … More My Snoopy Shirt

Jeff 2 – The End

Jeff pulled a “No Show” – bummer.  I message Jeff as soon as I arrive at the restaurant.  I wait 15 minutes and leave.  Sometimes these guys are flaky. This is the message I get several hours later. Jeff:  “Hi Linda!  I am so sorry.  I got there at 3:30 and you were gone.  It … More Jeff 2 – The End