Commands My Dog Has Taught Me


I was sitting on the couch the other day when suddenly I got up and filled my dog’s water bowl with fresh water.  It was empty.  I realized this 9-pounds of pure love had made a distinctive noise that was only meant for me to do this one particular task.

I wondered how many other commands she has taught me.

Do you find yourself responding to noises and movements your dog is making?  Yes?  Your dog has successfully trained you too!  Roary (my little girl dog) has built up quite a vocabulary for me.

  1. Small Growl next to her water bowl = Add water here.
  2. Laying on throw rug in kitchen facing the pantry = I am patiently waiting for a cookie.
  3. Sitting half-way up the stairs = Bed time.
  4. Stare at me on couch = Lap time.
  5. Cold wet nose to face in bed = lift up the covers, its snuggle-time. This is my personal favorite.  On left side of my face means spoon-style.  On right side of my face means she snuggles next to me with her face on my shoulder.
  6. Looking at garage door = I want to go out this door. She has a dog door, if it is raining she will only go out the garage door where there is a tree to keep her dry.
  7. Barking at garage door = Hurry up! Walk time!
  8. Staring at me in front of the TV = Fill my activity ball with kibble, now!
  9. All 4’s in the air = Rub my tummy.
  10. Standing/Jumping on hind legs = Hold me.
  11. Barking at any window = I will devour anyone who comes near us.

I am sure there are countless more!  I love my bossy little companion more than words can say.  She makes me smile every single day.

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