Imaginary Workout

About two weeks before Thanksgiving the gym starts to get crowded.  This is my favorite time of year because the energy and entertainment value go up 200%. 

yoga for beginners

I posted this on Facebook and look what happened (I am ArtGirl):

ArtGirl – OMG – I love all the new people in the gym starting their New Year’s Resolutions.  I swear – there is a guy in here doing an imaginary work out!  He is doing all exercises as if he is holding dumbbells, without the dumbbells.  Machines with zero weight.  So much fun, I love him.  Most of them use too much weight and make crazy noises!

ANN – Now that is my kind of workout lol

Jason – I might need to learn from that guy sounds like an easy workout but I’m sure it harder than it looks

ArtGirl – It was hilarious! I could hardly control myself from laughing. Everyone was watching him and looking away. I was mesmerized. I hope he didn’t hurt himself so he will come back and I can watch again. I could not be more motivated to get into the gym.

Jason – Oh that’s funny. I can just imagine him doing bench press. Keeping form would be hard. You would think He’d notice everyone watching.

ArtGirl  –  Wait, it’s better! This is a proud, confident man! He is determined to go slow and steady. This man is about 6’3″ and 300-350 lbs. It was surreal. Most entertainment I have had all year. I swear, I love this man!

Jason – Well start off slow they say. Hopefully he will continue to show up.  Big body, big calorie burn. No need for weights. If only it worked that way. But then again he’s in the gym and I’m sitting at home. Good for him. It’s going to look funny when he does everything with those tiny 1 lbs weights.

ArtGirl – I know, I cannot wait for him to actually use weight. How many weeks will he do the imaginary workout? I am proud of him. His confidence is outstanding!  He has my full support.

Ricardo – Sorry…cant agree…gym will be hell with all the non serious people

ArtGirl – I love when all the part-timers come in! They are so interesting and bring so much energy. I may have to change up my workout because they are on equipment that I normally use, but that is actually a good thing. Embrace the fun of it!

Ricardo – Huh…no….there is no where to park…they sit on the equipment instead of using it. ..NOOO

ArtGirl – Okay, Ricardo, you have to walk a little further – you are going to the gym so that is a good thing. You have to ask a new person if you can work-in on a piece of equipment – so you are going to meet someone new, awesome! If you are nice, you may actually motivate someone enough to keep working out for more than a month. They are in there because they are trying to change.

Ricardo – See thats the thing i go to gym to train not to meet people….i see pretty ladys cant even get a set in because all the guys bothering them….

AJ – Ummmm Ricardo… Take a deep cleansing breath then turn to someone and offer a helping hand

ArtGirl  – AJ, I “Blocked” Ricardo, I do not have the time or patience for negative people with bad attitudes. Life is too short!

AJ – Amen sister! I love it! A woman of action. So tired of negativity and whining especially from a grown man!

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