Psychologist vs Psychiatrist

The difference between a Psychologist and a Psychiatrist is that a Psychiatrist can write prescriptions – explained, Jim (12/7/2014), the Psychologist. 

We met at a casual restaurant.  He didn’t want to sit at a table and opted for a couch.  It was awkward and uncomfortable.  He did not eat but had a fancy coffee, proclaiming to be a coffee aficionado.  I had a nice lunch while listening to what seemed to be a relatively normal person.


I asked him if he had any pets.  He tells me a story about having a puppy when he was about 12-years-old for only a few months.  The puppy was teething and apparently was nipping the neighborhood kids.  He went away to camp for 10 days and when he got home, his father had given the puppy away.

This had such an impact on him that he never again had another pet and refused to allow his children to have pets.

He is a Psychologist.  Death, abandonment, and loss are all important parts of life that we all must deal with.

WTF – ?!

I mentioned to him that I have had dogs for most of my life.  I also mentioned that I have taken every dog I have had to “Obedience” classes.  Not so the dog will mind me but, so that my pet and I will learn how to communicate our needs with kindness and respect.  I would classify this under another important lesson in life.

He seemed dumbfounded at what I just said.  He paid for lunch and I never heard from him again. 

One thought on “Psychologist vs Psychiatrist

  1. Yes, seems very odd that a psychologist would leave that dog thing unresolved in his own life but also drag it into his children’s lives. Most psychologists I’ve known (not all) have been pretty whacko. You didn’t fit into his “never have a dog, you might lose it” model of the world!

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