Lamar 2

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LAMAR (1/5/2015)

Okay, I know it’s crazy but I gave Lamar another chance.  He called and insisted we meet for lunch.  I know there is a stable man under that first disastrous meeting.  He was very grounded in our conversations through Match and I found his behavior odd to say the least. 

In talking with a friend, she reminded me that men are just as nervous and vulnerable as we are.  First meetings can be pure torture for them and alcohol can be a crutch to calm the nerves.  

At our lunch he was a different man.  He said that he would probably not be drinking again for a very long time.  I did ask if he drank like that often and he said; “no”.  Not sure I believe that.  They say the real psychosis comes out within 3 – 6 months.  

I do stupid things all the time and certainly believe in second chances. 

I have extremely clear boundaries for what I will and will not put up with at this point in my life.  Tending to an alcoholic is not something I am willing to do.  The whole “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” thing just does not work for me and I would become impatient with it very quickly. 

I do enjoy an intelligent man who can make me laugh.  This afternoon at lunch, Lamar was that man.  I am not sure I would go out with him again, but at least I let him redeem himself.  I have a funny feeling that was what this lunch was all about – I just think he felt bad and had to fix it somehow.

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5 thoughts on “Lamar 2

  1. I believe in second chances, too. It was very “sweet” of you to meet with him after he was so inappropriate that first time. I suppose there is a slim chance he just screwed up and normally doesn’t drink like that. I got super drunk once after I’d known my future husband just four months, made a complete ass out of myself and I wanted to redeem myself soooo bad like you are saying Lamar wanted to. I am so lucky my now husband didn’t just blow me off. People are tremendously imperfect and make mistakes. I know about you and your boundaries and I know you will keep your eyes wide open! Miss you!

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    1. I miss you too – you are such an inspiration to me. I appreciate your feedback and insight so much.

      Believe me, I have done it too! The drinking too much and begging for forgiveness…painful.


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