I have found the following to be true with every man I have met.

1.   I will never change – this means that he will never change, compromise, or give a shit about anything you want or need.  It is all about him, all the time, and he will never change.

2.   Tonight it’s all about you – this means that tonight, and tonight only, is all about you.  The rest of the time it is all about him.  So, feel lucky, gifted, and honored for this once-in-a-lifetime special he is running.

3.   My Treat – as soon as he uses this term, run.  This is the last time he will be paying for anything.  If he uses this on a first date, you will be going “Dutch” or paying for everything from then on.  You basically mean nothing to him but, he wants to get laid.

4.  It will be better next time – no, it won’t!

5.   First 15 minutes – listen intently to the first 15-30 minutes of your conversation.  Talk very little and just listen – make it uncomfortable so he will talk.  This is the most valuable time in your relationship with a man.  I have found this to be true not only in the very first encounter but as the relationship progresses as well.

I once had a man say; “I am not a stalker” within 5 minutes of our very first conversation.  Several months later, I found out he was arrested for “Peeping Tom”. 

There are some men who have trained themselves not to reveal the “thing” until later in the relationship.  Always listen to something they deny being, especially if it is out of context.  Awkward silence really brings it out for some reason.

6.   You are sexy – I want to fuck you.

7.   You are beautiful – I want to have a relationship with you.

8.   Do you have a pair of spiky high heels?

Before you have been intimate – I want to dress you up like a “French Maid” and fuck you.

In a loving relationship – getting bored, wants to add spice (not a bad thing). 

Personally, I find the whole garter-thing as weird and uncomfortable.  I feel like a clown in it – not my thing.

9.   Anal sex – he wants to be with a man or wants to dominate/control you.  For me, this has nothing to do with love or pleasure for a woman.  The female body does not have a prostate gland, and receives zero pleasure from this act.  Run from these guys ladies!

10.  Oral sex – he cares about your needs.

11.  Toys – they are insecure about their skills, or lazy.  Personally, I am not into plastic.


2 thoughts on “Man-isms

    1. Thank you, It is nice to know someone else feels this way. Comfortable is sexy for me. I love wearing my man’s boxers! Now, I just need a man normal enough to be intimate with….


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