Lamar 3, The End (I Hope)

you complete me dog on fire hydrant

While Lamar and I were having our second meeting, a lunch at a salad place – very public, he proceeded to tell my how “he loves to have his nipples teased”.  I have never had a man tell me this in all my years, yet alone, only after knowing me a very short time.  Ha, and in a salad bar!

All of our meetings combined are probably 4-6 hours total face time.  We have text and phone time.  He had been sending me morning texts (2) with sexual scenarios which I never responded to.  I guess that is when he gets an erection.

He also tells me that he “adores” me.  This is just exhausting to me.  This man knows nothing about me.  He has never asked about my family and we do not have a history yet.  It’s just weird.  I think I am just a figment of his imagination that I will never be able to live up to and when he realizes that, he will treat me like shit because I am not what he thought I was.

I tell him he has boundary issues.  He looks at me dumbfounded and says; “No, I don’t”.  I go through a list of inappropriate things he has done and said in the short time we have known each other.  He cannot speak.  It is his first realization that I am not what he “imagined”.  I am intelligent and I am not going to put up with his crazy anymore.

He is in denial for a short period of time and tries to call and text me.  I do not respond.  I have “blocked” him on Facebook and Match, I don’t want him to stalk me.  He does not know where I live.  He does know where I work.  I will be more aware and careful, watching who is following me and taking different routes home.  If he continues to call and text, I will block him through my phone carrier.

Still, just trying to find someone normal so that I can have a relationship.

Lamar 1      Lamar 2      Lamar 4


7 thoughts on “Lamar 3, The End (I Hope)

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAH that photo is priceless!! I look so forward to these posts. When I saw that you had a LAMAR post I ran to get a fresh cup of coffee and jumped back in bed to cuddle up and read it. WHY are these guys all sooooo weird!?! Have you tried anything else, like maybe speed dating?? See you in a couple hours!!

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    1. Gloria, he turned out to be really creepy! He has been texting me once a day for the last 2 days. I think I will wait one more day then I will have to Block him through Sprint. So glad you have joined me here! Thank you. Love you.


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