Weird Beard

ZZ Top

“He was witty and super smart, a member of Mensa,” I told my friend.  I was showing her a profile of a guy on  On paper he was amazing.  My friend was ready to leave her husband for this guy! 

Then, I showed her his picture.  OUCH!  He had the weirdest beard I have ever seen.  It was as if he was trying for the “ZZ Top” thing, but it just wasn’t even close.  Yucky, scraggly, too long, out-dated, and – WHY? 

My friend said it would be easy to get him to shave it off.  “Just tell him he had to shave it before you would sleep with him,” we both laughed. 

I agreed to meet him; his profile was so well-written and intriguing.  We met at a local Mexican place with outside dining for lunch. 

In my profile I state “No Smokers.”  He whips out this ridiculous e-cigarette and proceeds to puff on that thing through the entire meal.  Smoking is smoking and I am happy he is trying to stop – I think he is trying to stop, but he is smoking. 

He was a nice man.  I am not sure he is a member of Mensa.   I would think someone that smart would know when they are smoking.  And, the beard —

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