Lamar letter

After over a week of my not responding to any of Lamar’s calls or texts, I get this letter in the mail at my office.  He does not know where I live – thank God! 

If someone is obviously not interested in you, why would you continue to pursue that person?  Move on.  It is frightening and weird.  Why would I ever want to be with someone who is trying to make me bend to their will?  These things only make me run harder and faster.  Controlling men with boundary issues are the absolute worse! 

The disturbing parts of this letter;  “Look forward to great times together” and telling me I am “Sexy”.  I hate when a man who doesn’t know me describes me as “sexy” – YUCK!  And the word “Sweet” – you don’t know me!

To those of you who are following this story:

  1. I am being careful.
  2. I am watching who is behind me everywhere.
  3. I am watching who is following me in my car.

If he continues, I will file an “Incident” report with the police department.  I am keeping documentation of all activities. 

There is a small part of me that feels guilty about this.  When I saw the initial red flags on this clown, I was hoping it was temporary.  Sometimes people are nervous about meeting someone new and do stupid things.  

The simple fact is that I am looking for and desire a normal, healthy relationship and want to give it a chance.

Lamar 1      Lamar 2      Lamar 3

7 thoughts on “LAMAR 4 – YIPES!!!

  1. Thank you MummzyDearest – Yes, I have told him I am not interested. I am hoping it will now stop. If I contact or engage him in any way, he will think it is “on”. I am trying to do it the right way – if he contacts me again, I will just reply with a text of “STOP”.


    1. I think there is a reason why men this age are still single. The good ones are scooped up right away or hiding (like I was) from all the crazy people. I do not want to be alone for the rest of my life, so I am putting myself out there and looking for a Yin to my Yang.

      I knew Lamar was wrong from the beginning, I was just hopeful because he had a good visual presentation. Hahaha!


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