Abdominal Snowman

I have been a gym rat my whole life.  For the past 3 years I have been working out regularly at the rec center by my house.  I have been so busy with work that I have done no classes at all, bad for me. 

A friend of mine and I are planning an adventure tour to Majorca, Spain in a few months.  This entails 7 days of biking tours around the beautiful and amazing island of Majorca.  I have done a trip like this many years ago to Portugal.  It was wonderful, fun and I met a lot of other adventurous people. 

To get in shape for this trip, I decide to join a place close to my home called “Fly Wheel”.  It consists of stadium spin classes.  They also offer “Fly Barre” classes.  The barre classes are new to me but I figure what-the-heck, the price is right for a package of both.

contentI am prepared for how out of shape I am for the spin classes and take the learning curve in stride.  The room is dark so no one can really judge my floundering around and I know it will be just a matter of time for me to get stronger.  Not to mention it is fun, different, and challenging. 

As I enter the Barre class I notice I am certainly the oldest person in a small, brightly-lit room filled with 20 young, perfect female specimens.  I am totally intimidated.  The tiny instructor must have see the deer-in-the-headlights look on my face.  She comes over to calm me down; telling me to go at my own pace and just “have fun” this first class.  HA!

They use a ballet barre, stretchy bands, small dumbbells, and a squishy soccer-sized ball for various exercises.  I am familiar with the ballet barre and the dumbbells for working out.  I have never used the stretchy bands before and it is fun.  You can make the workout as hard or easy as you like and, believe me; I am making everything easy.  The squishy ball is held behind your bent knee when you are on all fours.  I have never used it before.  The darn thing keeps popping out and hitting everyone in the class while I chase it all around.  I should get points for how fast I am moving to grab my squishy ball! 

I see only humor in my situation and cannot stop laughing while everyone glares at me.  I am looking forward to getting past the learning curve so I can just to keep up with those perfect little peanut butts! 

Forgot to mention, there are actually 2 instructors for this class.  It is so intense; they have to switch off half way through. 

Every day is an adventure!

My Snoopy Shirt, Fly Wheel & Barre Update

5 thoughts on “MY FIRST BARRE CLASS

  1. Oh yes, being the oldest in the class — an adventure I can relate to. I like your attitude. It does get better, always. Maybe not perfect, but better. I look forward to seeing how it goes for you.

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  2. SSHAFARZEK – Thank you, I know it will get better. I appreciate anyone who has pushed the envelope. Doing things that people tell me I am too old for – HA! It’s funny, Both classes spin and barre let out at the same time. There were men my age in the spin class! I was sad that there weren’t more women – I was also VERY happy there were men my age. They are probably the ones chasing the 30-year-old’s, hahahahaha! It would be nice to meet a man who isn’t consumed with sitting on the couch and giving out orders.

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