Jeff 1 – Interaction on


Jeff – pre-meeting. 

I see an odd picture peering at me from my computer screen.  It’s a crazy picture to use to try to snag the opposite sex – even kind of scary looking.  Of course, I am intrigued and press on it.  Why do I do these things?!?!? 

When you “browse” a profile on it lets the person know who is looking at them unless you upgrade your account.  He is on-line and sends me a message.  I ignore it while I am looking at his profile.  He is a little goofy-looking, cuts his hair kind-of funny.  He may be wearing a toupee – a definite deal breaker, but amusing. He says he is 6’2”, athletic, and 66-years-old.  It’s what he writes about himself in his profile that snags me.  He is witty and philosophical. 

The message reads: 

Jeff:  “Hi!  I like your profile!  Jeff” 

Me:  “Hi Jeff, Your profile is really refreshing, honest, and you have a wonderful sense of humor.  If I am not being too forward, would you like to meet “In Person”? 

Jeff:  “Hi Linda!  Thanks for writing.  Men Like forward ladies.  I would love to meet you.” 

Me:  “Jeff, I have a break tomorrow at 3pm.  I could meet you at WC.  It is close to my work and will be quiet that time of day so we could talk.  Men say they like forward women and they do.  Men do not like forward women for relationships.” 

Jeff:  “Every man has his own unique feeling about the kind of relationship he wants to have with a lady.  Each couple is a unique mixture.  See you tomorrow at 3.  Jeff. 

Me:  “Thank you Jeff.  Confirmed, looking forward to meeting you!” 

At which time he “browses” my profile again.  Ahh, the dance begins.

Jeff 2

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