Jeff 2 – The End

clown elevator

Jeff pulled a “No Show” – bummer.  I message Jeff as soon as I arrive at the restaurant.  I wait 15 minutes and leave.  Sometimes these guys are flaky.

This is the message I get several hours later.

Jeff:  “Hi Linda!  I am so sorry.  I got there at 3:30 and you were gone.  It was not my intent for this to happen.  I glanced at the map before I came but then got confused and thought Whiskey Cake was off Preston instead of the Dallas Parkway.   Please forgive me.   I also didn’t have your phone number.   If still interested, I would like to reschedule. “

I am not really mad at him.  I am glad to know he is like this before I become invested.  It is a beautiful day and I would rather take my dog for a walk.  I also understand that things happen.  Sometimes, they happen for a reason.

Me:  “Jeff, as is stated in my profile and in the messaging I sent you; ‘I do not give out my personal information until after the first meeting.’  There is an excellent app you can download on your phone which allows messaging.  I used it to let you know that I arrived at the restaurant on time. 

You actually did me a favor and I appreciate it.  Unfortunately, I don’t feel we have much in common.  Good luck to you in your search.”

Okay, so right about now you are saying that is a little harsh.  Why not give him another chance?  I guess I am just not that interested in him and I don’t want someone in my life I have to baby sit.  By that I mean; make sure he knows where he is going, make sure he is on time, and basically make sure he does what he says he is going to do.  My time is too precious for that nonsense.  There are plenty of women who would love to do all that.  I am looking for an equal partner in my life; to enhance my life, instead of taking all the time.  Been there, done that!

I want an all grown up man who cares about me enough to do what he says he will do. Dependable, reliable, and enhance my life.

And the beat goes on….

Jeff 1 

5 thoughts on “Jeff 2 – The End

        1. Zena, yes, that is a generalization. I know there are good men out there. That is why I continue on this journey. There are many fun, loving, respectful marriages. It isn’t going to magically come into my life. They weren’t kidding when they said; “You have to fight for what you want!”


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