My Snoopy Shirt

snoopy shirt

I enter the room for my 3rd Flywheel Spin class.  I now know how to set up my own bike, torque, and speed.  I am still a little self-conscience but as soon as class begins they turn the lights down really low.  It’s a good thing because it is a stadium atmosphere.  If the lights were on, you would be able to see everyone very easily.  It’s also cool because no matter where you are in the class, you can clearly see the instructor.  Great design! 

The class is completely full, around 45 people.  I am wearing all black to blend into the background.  I have on my favorite soft, comfy “Snoopy” shirt.  It has a picture of Snoopy wrapped like a mummy – it’s from Halloween. 

The lights go out.  Snoopy is glow-in-the-dark!  I quickly become the center of attention and it is hilarious! 

I love when funny things like this happen.  Not only am I laughing but I have brought a smile to so many faces today.  It’s going to be a great day!

Fly Wheel & Barre Update, My First Barre Class

4 thoughts on “My Snoopy Shirt

  1. I enjoyed reading this post! I love spin classes but havent done them in a while. I do remember the room getting dark. I could only imagine your glow in the dark shirt! I would have smiled too.

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