DOC – 1/25/2015


This is the sad part of dating.  You meet a really nice, kind and respectful person and you just don’t have any chemistry. 

Doc is a great guy.  He has probably been alone too long.  He is a little desperate and is hoping that I will at least give another date with him a try.  I think he knows I am not feeling it and it makes me feel bad. 

I hate when people waste my time and I try to show others the same consideration.  It would be wrong to date him again.  He has been a teacher at the same private school for over 30 years.  Dating is expensive.  I did not give him my card, he does not know my last name or where I live or work. 

I will message him and thank him.  I will tell him there was not a connection for me and good luck in his search. 

Things that turned me off were stained teeth and overweight.  Those are so fixable. 

I could never see me kissing someone with badly stained teeth.  Gross teeth are a huge turnoff.  He must have been a smoker.  Whitening strips should be a staple in every bathroom.  I will be using mine this week!

He also said he was in good shape.  He was easily 30-40 pounds overweight.  I don’t really care about that at a first meeting.  It does become an issue if I have to watch a lot of bad choices while the relationship progresses.

And the beat goes on…..

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