Glen 2 – 2/5/2015


Glen – this man was kind and respectful.  I cannot remember the last time I had a meeting with a man from Match where at some point they did not bring up sex or use sexual innuendos in some way.  We had a great meeting, talked and laughed the entire time. 

He has two boys, 11 and 14.  He has shared custody.  I am not sure about that but it is too soon to be concerned.  I am not sure there is chemistry, but I would like to meet again. 

Glen texted me right after the meeting, thanked me and asked if I would like to go out again soon.  I said; “Yes, I would love to.”  He said he would call me in a few days. 

We know so little about each other.  


2 thoughts on “Glen 2 – 2/5/2015

    1. He said he would call in a “few”. It’s weird, I like him but I am not excited about him. I guess that would be chemistry. One lunch does not create a history or friendship.


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