Ron – 2/7/2015


I have a married friend, “Andrea A”, I love her dearly!  She has what I call “Married Lady Eyes”.  She has been in a relationship so long that she has no concept of what dating is like.  She is under the delusion that all men would treat her with the same kindness and respect her husband does, HA!  

I will tell her about some of the ridiculous nonsense men have pulled on me and her response to me has been; “You are mean to men!”  

I am not mean to men.  I have been married two times and I know what I am looking for.  Plain and simple, someone who enhances my life and is kind to me.  When I come across a taker or something that is a non-negotiable for me, I cut it off.  Not in a mean way, I think it is far more respectful to end it before me or the man invests our time and/or money than to try to change someone.  You cannot change anyone, you can only change yourself.  That is what I do. 

Ron; we are different.  I would describe the contrast in our body types as the difference between a speed bike and a tricycle – me being the speed bike.  I don’t care about that and have been in relationships with men of all body types.  But, it is funny. 

Ron is shy.  I had given Andrea permission to give him my phone number about 8 months ago and had heard nothing.  Recently, a new Sci-Fi movie was showing.  I like Sci-Fi, he likes Sci-Fi.  In a group-text Andrea sets up a double date for all of us.  I am close to the theater, so I pre-purchase the tickets and leave them in will-call.  I group-text where the tickets are and the cost. 

I come early to get good seats and sneak in my gluten-free popcorn.  We meet, have great conversation, and endure one of the worst movies I have seen in a long time.  We all laugh about it! 

At the exit, Andrea and her husband part from us having previous dinner plans.  Ron heads for the now very dark parking lot.  I try to follow, he is moving pretty fast.  I ask where he is parked.  He points and I let him know that I am across the lot in the opposite direction.  He says; “Okay, bye.” 

This rude, socially retarded man has eaten all of my popcorn, left me in a dark parking lot, not paid for his movie ticket, and did not even offer to take me for a bite to eat! 

When I told Andrea what happened her response was; “Wow, wow, and wow!” 

WOW!  And Bahahahaha!


3 thoughts on “Ron – 2/7/2015

  1. Well that is a good indication of what kind of person he really like. He is only about what you can do for him. Very selfish..I can see why he doesn’t have a woman. Maybe a dumb girl but not a woman..he would not know how to have a rare woman who is willing to purchase the tickets or plan ahead. Yes he needs to be dropped like a hot potato…

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