Daryl – Everyone is Addicted to Something


“Everyone is addicted to something.”  I think that is what they tell you when you are in rehab.   I do not consider it an addiction if it does not cause harm to you or anyone else.  For example, I love my work.  You could say I am addicted to my work, but isn’t that a good thing?  And it certainly doesn’t hurt me or anyone else.  (Thank you Andrea for that affirmation!) 

Daryl was very attractive and we had met at the gym.  I don’t date guys from the gym and I would not call our meeting an official date.  We would talk and one evening after workout he asked if I had eaten and invited me to meet him at a place nearby for a bite.  I agreed. 

As we were eating Daryl mentions that he is in rehab for Heroin addiction!  YIPES! I was young and he was the first person in my entire life who even told me they had used heroin, much less the seriousness of an addiction.  This was way over my level of understanding. 

He asked me if I would like to date. 

I said, “No.” 

He asked if it had anything to do with the heroin addiction. 

I said, “Yes.” 

He said that wasn’t fair; “Everyone is addicted to something.” 

I said, “I am not addicted to anything.”   

He was annoyed and said; “Yes, you are addicted to something.  You could be addicted to work, or going to the gym, or something else.  But, you are addicted to something.”

What a charmer!  Don’t worry, I never dated him.

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