Glen – Then and Now

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I first met Glen about 8 years ago.  We both attended a Dallas Museum of Arts’ function and really hit it off.  He was funny and attentive.  I gave him my phone number and he called the next day to set up a date. 

It was such a weird date.  We met at a Starbucks, he took me on some errands he had to run, then for ice cream, and it was over.  The whole time we were in his car his phone kept going off.  He had set it up to Bluetooth and the same number was being broadcast for us to hear every time the call came in.  I knew he wasn’t married, so it was obviously his girlfriend.  

After about 8 calls, I told him; “I would not be insulted if you just take the call.  Someone is really trying to get in touch with you.” 

He kept fumbling around trying to turn the Bluetooth off, but just could not figure it out.  She kept calling and I kept rolling my eyes thinking; “Why is this guy wasting my time?”  He never contacted me again after our date(?). 

Fast forward to summer of 2014.  Glen is at a barbecue of a mutual friend.  I brought a girlfriend of mine with me.  I found myself at a table with my girlfriend, Gary (good friend of mine), and Glen.  Glen and I started to talk and I asked him about his parrot and other things we had discussed on our date.  He asked when I was at his home.  I said I was never in his home.  He asked how I knew about his parrot and the other things.  I said, painfully, that we had actually gone out on a date.  He was silent.

My girlfriend laughed out loud and Gary tried to compose himself.  I laughed too – it was just too funny.  It’s nice to know the kind of impression I have on a guy – HA!  Why do guys cheat?

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