Junk Yard Dog

Junk Yard Dog

This is the first time a man has inspired me to make a work of art.  He was so evil (in my mind) that I was having a really hard time getting through my emotions.  Keep in mind that my husband/best friend cheated on me after 14 years of marriage and spent the next 2 years of our marriage making me think there was something wrong with me.  Complete, total, utter, pure betrayal.  Divorced after 16 years. 

I was at the gym.  I am friendly and say “Hi” to people, but go to work out and don’t usually have lengthy conversations.  The gym gets me for an hour per session. 

I was on the elliptical.  Ron starts talking to the gentleman working out next to me and is having a conversation with him.  That is a good sign, it means that people like him and know him.  He then starts to talk to me in front of his friend. 

Ron; “Hi, I don’t know why I haven’t introduced myself before.  My name is Ron.” 

Me; “Hi, I am Linda.” 

We go through an entire conversation in front of his friend and he asks if I would like to meet for a bite after workout.  I agree, it is casual and not what I would call a date. 

We are in the middle of lunch and great conversation, I am thinking; “WOW, this is going great!” 

He then says; “I have to be honest with you, I am married.”  (He asked me out in front of his friend at the gym!  That was the last thing I expected.) 

Me; “If you wanted to be honest with me, you would have told me before we met for lunch.  How long have you been married?” 

Ron; “35 years!”   

I didn’t hear anything else he had to say. 

I could hardly breathe.  I do not go out with married men – he took that choice away from me.  Then, I quickly looked around to see if anyone I knew saw me with a married man – that would be embarrassing and devastating to me. 

All I could think was; “What a scum bag this guys is”.  He has tortured his wife for 35 years.  I am certain I am not the only woman he has ever approached. 

He is a cheater, liar, and thief.   

He cheats on his wife and family – 2 kids.  

He lies to his family – super creepy!   

Any money and/or time he spends on me or any other woman, he is stealing from his family. 

I call it “People Math” and why would I want someone like that in my life? 

I was so stunned, I just ate my meal and left.  He tried to call and talk to me at the gym several times.  I did not respond in any way.  I should have stood up and left – I think I was in shock. 

To get through this, I went to a local salvage yard and grabbed some random pieces to put together.  I call it; “Junk Yard Dog” and it is hung over my bed.

* The ashtray is painted red and symbolized his mouth full of lies.

*The hose from an old kitchen sink represents his penis which is the only thing that concerns him.

*The nails sticking out are the pain he causes everyone around him.

*The radiator cap says “Caution” and the orange reflector are symbols for everyone to be careful.

*The dip stick is self explanatory.

*The cold, hard metal symbolizes his lack of heart, devotion, integrity, and humanity.

Junk Yard Dog    

2 thoughts on “Junk Yard Dog

    1. I know it seems weird, but it makes me laugh now. It has beauty to it. I used only cold fusion to put it together. That is rivets, wire, cement – no heat. It’s hard to make something that sturdy without a torch. I loved the challenge and learned a lot. Inspiration comes from all kinds of things, but in the end the bad is gone and the art remains.

      I saw him at the gym the other day. I held my head high, he averted his eyes and hung his head. I win, he got nothing from me. I have a unique piece of art that gives me strength.

      Think of all the art that comes from pain. Example – Taylor Swift. She has done quite well from her pain. Hahaha.


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