Tonya B. – My “SpinYasa” Teacher


SpinYasa = 1 hour of spin class + ½ hour of Yoga.  It is a great class and I am never sore after. 

My SpinYasa teacher, Tonya B, is great.  She has a strong, affirming voice when she is barking out orders for the spin portion of this class.  When we go into the Yoga room her voice is soft and comforting. 

Tonya will go on about all kinds of Zen stuff that I usually tune out.  Not out of disrespect, I have just heard it all before.  Normally it doesn’t really matter what she is saying – it is all about the soothing voice. 

Today she said; “It’s not about age, it’s about health.  Respect the wonderful machine your body is, feed it well, and keep it healthy.” 

It is so true.  I am 61 and I have taken care of my body, what I eat, and my general well-being my entire life.  My machine is working great and I love it.


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