Facebook & Social Media


I was not excited about Facebook.  I had that Betty White feeling about it; “Seems like a tremendous waste of time.”  I had put a profile up years ago but was so confused by all the random settings and worried about security so much, I just kept it private and did not post or check what was going on at all. 

After months of several of my clients urging me to embrace Facebook, I got back on.  I took the time to understand the security settings so that I would feel comfortable with it.  There are a lot of creepers on it but there is this amazing thing called “Block” that I learned to use with ease.  You can delete others’ comments from your posts, you can allow only your “friends” to see your posts, and you can promote your business!  I now have my main personal page and 4 other pages for my businesses.

I have several businesses that I promote on Facebook;  “Making Faces Day Spa”, “Art Girl”, and “Garage Girl”.  Social media is not in the future – it is now.  If you want people to know what you do and how good you are at it, you have to advertise. 

Blogging is another way to promote what you do and it works quite well.  I have two blog pages, Making Faces Day Spa and Adventures.   I am currently working on a third for my art.  I am also on Twitter and have two LinkedIn accounts, one for my Day Spa and one for ArtGirl.  I am also looking into Instagram. 

It is amazing how intertwined all of these programs are.  I have two Etsy stores; 1MakingFaces and GemStorm – for my art.  When I post a new piece of art or a blog they are automatically posted to my Twitter account.   I can set everything to post onto Facebook automatically, but I prefer to do that manually.  Every time I post to my WordPress Making Faces Day Spa blog, I get hits on my website for Making Faces Day Spa.  Eventually that may be realized in more clients and on-line purchases. 

Side note:  I realize that everything so far has been a shameless promotion for my businesses, Ha! 

Bottom line, Facebook is great for any small business!  And, it’s FREE! 

The best part is that I have been able to reconnect with family I have not seen in over 20 years.  I am able to keep up with the lives of distant cousins who I used to play with as a child.  They are all grown up, with families of their own.  I can see their children and grandchildren.  I can keep track of siblings who I cannot stand being in the same room with for more than 10 minutes, but love them just the same.  That is amazing. 

Facebook is also like a diary.  It tells a time-line story of where I have been, what I have done, my feelings at low and high points of my life.  It is truly a sense of who we are and how amazing we are as individuals.  I get up early every morning with a cup of coffee and my iPad.  I check my email, then Facebook.  I post a funny cartoon for my Facebook Friends to wake up to.  I am pleased when someone “Likes” my posts and even more pleased when they “Share” something I have posted. 

I have a client who wrote a book and was able to share her post on my timeline.  This, in turn, redirected my “friends” to her Amazon site where she sold more books!  I have many cosmetologists and nail tech friends that I post their creations on my timeline and it sends people their way.  Recently a friend posted that she was selling her home, I posted that on my timeline and one of my clients went to see the place.  It is fun to help people and nice when people help me. 

Being single is hard.  The only warm body in my life is my dear companion dog Roary.  Facebook keeps me in touch with other human beings, even if it isn’t face-to-face – it is nice to have a connection. 

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