Two Dates

boring date

I have had two random dates recently.  Both were very nice men.  There was no mutual chemistry and one was very honest about it.  I always appreciate honesty. 

Both never asked one question about me and went on and on about their lives, families, and other interests.  

Don had been married 38 years before his divorce of 16 months.  Don has no business dating, he is still in close contact with his ex-wife.  Don would not speak to me unless I asked him a question.  No banter, boring, and awkward. 

Self-centered men are not great husbands.  They expect their wives to do everything; laundry, cooking, dishes, cleaning, and every else they hate doing.  As we women get older we have less tolerance for their entitled attitudes.  We get exhausted from constantly asking for them to do their fair share.  We start dreaming about a life where we could just take care of ourselves.  We fall out of love from years of their ambivalence and disrespect. 

They never understand until they are on their own and are forced to take care of themselves.  I know it’s nice to put the entire burden on someone else, but that kind of relationship cannot last.  Maybe he will figure it out and try to rebuild a respectful relationship with his ex, I hope so. 

Tom is a very wealthy man and wants everyone to know it.  His possessions are incredibly important to him.  He let me know that he was on Match “shopping” for a wife.  He spent the entire time talking about everything he is and has.  Yawn.  Because he is so wealthy, he will easily find some woman to be his next possession.  Not me.  This does not mean he was unkind or rude to me, he was a nice man.  He just ended up knowing as much about me when we started the date as he did when we ended the date. 

Still searching…..

4 thoughts on “Two Dates

  1. I have heard that (some) men go on like that as a way of “sharing themselves,” by telling you who they are. They think it’s how to relate to and impress a woman. But even knowing that makes little difference to me. I don’t feel like trying to *teach* someone how to take an interest in me. (Maybe such men figure they’ll get around to getting to know the woman later, on subsequent dates but their behavior ensures there won’t BE more dates.)

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  2. Writerinsoul – it does feel like they are teaching, lecturing. It comes off as boring, narcissistic, and insecure. Personally, I am looking for an equal relationship with someone who will enhance my life. Thank you for the input.

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    1. For some reason, I did not see your reply before now. I’m afraid there’s a whole generation of middle-aged men who grew up in a time that encouraged them to act like this with women. Just as WE were taught to “show interest, ask him questions, and laugh at his jokes.” I feel much like you do but that kind of equality and enhancement seems evasive…

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