Everyone needs a break.  It is good for the soul, the psyche, and your sanity.  You cannot work all day, every day of the year. 

I have my own business and I am single.  I am my soul provider.  No second income, no outside help.  I have 3 businesses just to make ends meet.  I struggle.  There are times where it is very tough.  I love what I do which makes it easy to dive into everything with passion and zest. 

When I am not working, I am completely stressed out.  Several days of no business is terrifying and I am constantly scrambling to find new ways to supplement my income. 


I have been dreaming of taking this really cool adventure trip to Majorca, Spain.  It is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, AHHHH…. Doesn’t it just sound beautiful?  I have only seen pictures.  I took a similar trip to Portugal several years ago and fell in love with “Fit4Adventure”. 


I am healthy, so this type of adventure trip is right up my alley.  I am not sure how long my body will be strong enough for this type of adventure, I am 61.  We can take bike tours every day.  We eat breakfast, ride a few hours, have a fresh lunch on the road, and do a tour.  Then, we ride back, freshen up and enjoy a fabulous dinner with everyone else to swap stories.


This is the British Cycling Team that will be our guides and train us.  Testosterone with an accent – Fun! 


I emailed a copy of this trip to several friends and one is actually going to join me!  I went to Portugal alone.  Having a travel buddy will be a lot more fun. 

When I save up for a trip it means a lot of sacrifice all year long.  I have to close my businesses, endure 10 days of zero income, hemorrhage money on boarding my dog and all of the other expenses of traveling.  It is very stressful for me but, in the end, it will be good for my soul. 

As the trip gets closer I can feel the panic building.  The desire to just bail out is constantly nagging at me.  There is the fear of spending money on the intangible, the fear of losing clients, along with so many other fears.  I know I will go.  I just start to question if the stress is going to be worth it.  

It always is. 

I am sure I will blog pictures and stories so stay tuned!


mapmain_homemajorca (1)sunset


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