sock in shoe

I try not to judge because people who judge me are so hurtful.  People who assume things, spread rumors and gossip are just sad and insecure.  Every human being has a cross to bear, some hurdle to overcome, and pain to endure. 

No other human being knows your entire story.  Your journey, pit falls, and experiences make you who you are.  Embrace your own beauty, even if others do not see it.  The good people will love you for who you are, keep them close.

We are all such fragile beings.  We all make mistakes.  We all deserve to be forgiven and go on with our lives learning lesson after lesson as we age.  It is a constant.

The punishers are people who deem it their job to make you pay for your sins for eternity.  No one on this Earth has a right to punish anyone else for mistakes.  I always wonder what kind of internal pain the punishers are trying to hide.  People will love you and people will hate you; it will have nothing to do with you. 

How long does it take to have stones thrown at you before you finally pick them up and make a wall between you and your punishers?  Forgive yourself.  Go on with your life and bring happiness to everyone around you. 

Forgive your punishers because they too have a cross to bear.


  1. Thanks to Andrea for reblogging. It is how I learned of this. This reminds me of two things, “The Anyway” poem (often attributed to Mother Theresa, but isn’t hers), in the,”People will love you and people will hate you; it will have nothing to do with you. ” (And go on, anyway…) And how much these practices are needed on the internet. I’m thinking of a particularly nasty place, theoretically inhabited by “normal” adults that just is hateful and full of trolls “for entertainment.” So much damage has been done there…

    Lovely post.

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    1. Laura, Yes, I have heard all of these sayings before. It’s funny, just when I am thinking “Oh, woe is me”, a client will reveal her story to me. She made a mistake many years ago and has tried to move on but her family will not let it go. It is bad and it affects her happiness and her life. It is the worst form of bulling I have ever heard of. If strangers bully you, you can easily cut them out of your life. When family does it, it’s a lot harder to cut them out.

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