Glen 2 Update – 4/24/15


Update (4/22) Glen 2, – I was meeting several friends for G’s birthday celebration at Mexican Sugar.  We were waiting at the bar for everyone to show up.  

I didn’t notice Glen at the far end of the bar.  Glen awkwardly stumbles over to me, says hello, and introduces his friend.  His friend leaves.  Glen apologizes for never contacting me and tells me all about his busy life – it has been 2 months!  Never asks about what I have been up to.  Lets me know he has to leave and about an hour later I get the following text.

glen text

I showed it to my friends.  They all thought it was nice.  Here is what I think about it.  Yes, it was nice running into him.  I never asked him to stay.  He had 3 drinks and was so inebriated that he felt he needed to eat.  He was in a restaurant but chose to drive home intoxicated rather than spend a nickel on food.  I do not think he would have come over to say hello if it wasn’t for his friend and the alcohol. 


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