Bruce Jenner

bruce jenner

I watched the special on Bruce Jenner with Diane Sawyer a few nights ago.  I have to say it was nothing like I expected.  I came away from it feeling uplifted and hopeful for the future. 

One thing I learned was that gender and sexual orientation are not the same.  He explained it really well.

His first two wives had nothing but kind words for him and wished him well, both well aware of him being trans-gender.  They could have leaked his secret at anytime and made millions on the media hunger, but loved him and kept silent.  

Kris had no comment, too soon I suppose.  I am sure she was waiting for public reaction to see which way she should go on this that would financially benefit her. 

Mother Nature is not perfect.  Sometimes things happen that some perceive as weird and incomprehensible because they are different.  Cleft pallet, 6 fingers/toes, born with both genitalia, and many more anomalies.  There was a time when children who were born with both genitalia were castrated because it was just easier. 

Children speak up when they are in the wrong bodies.  When I was very young I had a classmate who kept saying she was male.  No adult would listen.  They quashed her until she started becoming very angry.  I was just a child and could not understand.  It was a different time then. 

Sexual re-assignment hurts no one.  Human beings should be able to be who they are.  Bruce Jenner is not alone and his voice will hopefully help others who are living a tormented life move on to true happiness as who they were meant to be.  He just wants to be truthful, so tired of the lie. 

BTW – I tried to Google Bruce Jenner pictures for this blog.  The media is not kind and he looked fine in the interview.  Hmmm.

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