“Stupid Guy” Act

I met a couple who had been dating for approximately 8-9 months, Jack and Diane; both in their 50’s. They were bickering and not shy about it.  Diane wanted to vent and did.  Apparently, Jack went on a date another woman, Jill.  Diane found out about it because Jill contacted her to let her know.  … More “Stupid Guy” Act


Second Divorce

I found an old journal I started when I was first divorced.  I was married for 16 years.  It was my second marriage.  He had cheated periodically and I turned a blind-eye to it all.  I was young, in love, and adored him.   I think he finally fell in love with someone else around the … More Second Divorce

First Impressions

This story was relayed to me by a client.  Julie was about 58 at the time.  It was her birthday and a man on Match offered to meet her at Starbucks for a morning cup of coffee. They greeted each other, ordered coffee and a pastry, and sat down to talk.  Imagine her surprise when … More First Impressions

Larry from Arizona

This is a Match interaction with Larry from Arizona. Larry said Hi, you are very attractive and we seem to share lots of similarities; let’s have some fun,Larry 479-252-XXXX Linda said Larry, You live in another state.  Makes it tough to date. Larry said I am only 4 hours from Plano driving time; we could spend every weekend … More Larry from Arizona

Spain – Day 10

This was one of my favorite days in Barcelona.  It was unstructured!  We spent the day looking at the people, eating at random places, and no time schedules.  We had Sangria and a wonderful pasta dinner in a beautiful square with several restaurants and street performers.  I was still hungry so went went to the … More Spain – Day 10

Spain – Day 9

Metro-Train-Cable Car; this happened!  It took us a while to figure it out, but we did it!  We took the Metro to the Train station, the Train to Montserrat, and a cable car to Montserrat Monastery.  The views are breath-taking.  It was easily the highest altitude I have ever been. We had a wonderful lunch … More Spain – Day 9

Spain – Day 8

Barcelona is so different than Majorca.  We went from island time to big, congested city.  I had no idea my friend was such a “planner”.  We got off the plane and hit the ground running!  She had every moment planned.  It was exhausting.  HELP ME! Spiral staircase.  My friend all proud of her organizational skills! … More Spain – Day 8

Spain – Day 7

   Today was our last ride in Majorca.  It was a tough 38 mile ride.  Beautiful and amazing as always.  As much fun as I have had on the bike, it will be nice to take a break for a few days.  Then, back to spin classes and the amazing flat lands of Dallas. Lunch … More Spain – Day 7

Spain – Day 6

 Today we only did 22 miles.  It was fun and I am really getting stronger, fast.  We revisited several places that we have already seen.  The village at the top of the mountain was one of those places.  After lunch, we climbed those 365 steps!  Look what was at the top.        We got … More Spain – Day 6