The Gentle Heart

helium scream


Some people have such a pure heart and soul.  I think God has a special place for them, watches out for them. 

Andrea is like that.  She is kind, caring, and makes me laugh every time I am around her.  Her spirit is so strong.  She was in my office, we had just finished a treatment, and her phone rang.  It was her doctor.  Andrea has a “Huge” herniated disc and needs to be operated on; back surgery.  This, of course, is great news to her.  She is happy that it isn’t something worse! 

My jaw is dropping.  I have seen pictures of herniated discs.  This is very painful and the pain is chronic.  I don’t think she understands the look on my face.  I cannot comprehend how she is walking, smiling, laughing, and getting everything done each and every day.  She is in the process of moving into a new house and there are a million tiny details that have to be taken care of.  She is getting everything finished with what seems like ease. 

She walks around and touches everyone who comes near her with kindness and patience.  I wonder if I would be like her.  I wonder if I would be a raving, crazy bitch to everyone.  Andrea is my inspiration to be a better person, to learn how to enjoy and embrace every moment of precious life with dignity and grace. 

They say God only gives you what you can endure.  I wonder.

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