Spain – Day 2


We did 40 miles on a bike today! It was so amazing. The people of Majorca are so kind and patient with bikers. We started out from the hotel and slowly ascended a mountain to an altitude of 663 ft. Okay, small mountain.

It was beautiful. There are fields of artichokes and onions everywhere. On one leg of the journey we went through a national park where there is a road called “Reed Road”. Huge reeds everywhere on both sides – very cool.


At the top of the mountain is a small, rural village. There was a beautiful look-out point and a fountain in the center (no water in it for some reason). We stopped at a small café for lunch. Our waitress had a definite “’Tude” going on. You know, the whole we are a bunch of rude Americans thing.


I know enough Spanish to barely get by. I asked her what her name was. Isabelle. Isabelle could not have been more flattered and her “‘tude” was instantly gone. She became warm, accommodating and caring. She started to help me with Spanish words and I helped her with some English. It was heart-warming and fun.


I was the weakest link in the bike ride today. I was getting so fatigued, it was hard for me. Pete is the tail man. He is the guy who lags back with the slower riders to make sure they get home safe. We came back on a coastal route. Looking at the ocean the whole way. I got so far behind that Pete asked if I would mind stopping so that he could purchase something at a local market. He knew I was struggling and didn’t want me to feel bad but, wanted me to take a break. How sweet is that!?!?!?!?!?!?

When we got back to the hotel, “Doug” our group leader took the time to re-adjust my bike for me. He flipped my handlebars around so that I was not reaching so much. It had me in a bad position because I could not bend my elbows and was really hurting my neck and causing my fatigue. I was so worried that I would not be able to use this bike and would have to return it for one that fit me better. He did the adjustments and it made all the difference in the world. I am looking forward to our next ride!

Tomorrow is Wednesday. They call it “Market” day. Instead of biking we walk to the local market. There are supposed to be many vendors with lots of cool things. That will be fun!

I am going to try to get a massage and laundry done as well. There are three massage therapists with this group.

The weather could not be more pleasant. It starts out cool and kind of over-cast and slowly warms up to about 72. Perfect biking weather.

The group we are with is run by a British cycling team. Several of them are Olympians! They are so humble, you would never know it. By the way, cycling is definitely a man-population sport. We are about the only women in a biking group. We get a lot of looks, loving it! They are polite too, no cat calls or any other creepy stuff; just admiration and curiosity. Gentlemen.

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