Spain – Day 1

Traveling is exciting, fun and adventurous. It is also a major pain in the ass! You forget the flying time, the airports, the confusion, and the hustle-bustle.

There are such amazing things to see, smell, and taste. The beautiful people! There is kindness and patience in everyone I have come in contact with.

I am fortunate enough to be traveling with a friend who does it all the time. She laughs at me every time we move from one task to the next. I hope I am at least amusing her – she is smiling a lot.

Today we left home at 7 am and started the journey with a 3 hour flight from Dallas to New York’s LaGuardia Airport. Then, during our 3 hour layover had to take a cab to JFK Airport for our 7 hour flight to Barcelona. From there we take a small plane to the island. In all, I think the travel time will be about 11 hours! You cannot imagine the toll it takes. If I’m brave, I will post a pic. I wish I took a before.

IMG_1432    IMG_1433

The little bathrooms on a plane are a real challenge and rather amusing. Enough said.

I am in a seat right behind “First Class” or business class – I don’t know the difference. I would kill for one of those seats. The flight attendants are spoiling them with a hot, steamy towel right now. They need to close the see-through curtain or I may be tempted to jump a flight attendant for that silly little towel.

I have my noise-canceling headset on and every time I talk to my friend it is much too loud. She laughs at me and gently shooshes me. We giggle.

The sun is coming up and we are about to land in Barcelona. The cabin is dark. Everyone is waking and getting organized for landing. It is calm and peaceful. I made it through this long flight without sleep but, I feel rested. It is impossible for me to sleep sitting up. One more leg of this journey and we will be in Majorca. It is 1 am in Dallas.

I have been listening to Pimsleur Spanish Tapes and I am hearing familiar words. I certainly could not hold a conversation. I tell someone that I know “very little Spanish” of which they seem to agree and smile at me.

We are in Majorca! Took a shower, picked up our bikes and went for a short ride. Met the rest of the group for a nightly orientation meeting. We are now talking about 15 hours since I have slept.

We are at dinner and I am exhausted. Everyone is talking and all of a sudden I hear Geraldine (one of the guides) yell “Linda”! If she didn’t wake me, I was going to do a face-plant into my dinner. I went to the room, brushed my teeth, washed my face and slept like a baby.


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