Spain -Day 3


Today was market day with an afternoon hike.  When you first approach the market, it resembles traditional flea markets back home.  As soon as you see the vendors you notice something very different about it.  These are the people that live in Majorca.  They are farmers, artists, and retailers trying to earn a living and feed their families.  They are warm and welcoming and appreciate any tourist’s business.

We saw everything the island is known for; olives, capers, nuts, fruits and vegetables.  We purchased many things including Saffron – which is outrageously expensive and pre-packaged in Dallas.  Fresh Saffron!

After market we walked to the seaside and had fresh Paella and wine for lunch.  We then headed back to the hotel to get ready for an afternoon hike.  


We hiked about an hour over the big hill behind us and came to a small, amazingly beautiful village.  We stopped at a café for water and cold beer while watching the swimmers.  There was a cool breeze and we could tell the water was cold.  It was warm in the sun but, only the brave were putting their toes in the water.


I am missing my little Roary.  I have her in a great doggie day care that has nanny-cams, a large room for her, and all-day outside activity.  Just as I log into an outdoor cam I see her cute little face smiling at me. One of the boys, just at that moment, had picked her up and held her to the camera.  He held her there for a few moments, she licked him, and he gently let her down.  From that moment on, she has been following his every move.  It is so great to see her so happy, having fun, and falling in love with a human!

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