Spain – Day 4

Today was our resting, casual, light ride day.  Only 32 miles.  The reason we are doing the light ride today is that tomorrow is supposed to be crazy hard.  I keep wavering on weather or not to do it.  My friend really wants to go and our team leader keeps telling me I can do it.  We will see.


We had a wonderful ride today.  We went to a 200+ year-old village, “Pollenca” in the mountains.  It was beautiful.  We had lunch on one of the many levels.  


My picture shows up the 365 stairs up.  We did not climb them.  There are narrow streets that cross throughout the entire city.


On the way back to the hotel we stopped at a place with a very unassuming sign which read; “Tea and Cake”.  It was up a steep climb.  When we got up there, it was an amazing view of the city below and the ocean.  The cake was yummy – orange cake.


I met an interesting man named Wally.  We never found out his actual age but, he is over 80 years old.  He collects model airplanes and teaches people how to fly them.  He has small ones, but many have a wing span of 6-8 feet.  He is very funny and just full of humorous stories.  He had us all giggling the whole time.

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17 thoughts on “Spain – Day 4

  1. Don’t kill yourself on the bike rides, Linda. Let them go and have a spa treatment! I know it’s hard to do in this kind of group, but seriously, don’t injure yourself. Sounds like and all around GREAT time, though! Love, Andrea

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