Spain – Day 5


Okay, I wimped out!  I decided to do the 35 mile ride instead of the full-incline 40 mile ride today.  It was fabulous!  My friend did the big ride and she has stories to tell.  She is getting a free t-shirt that says; “I rode Legro’s Big One”.

Gordon was my team leader today, he is Scottish.  If you ever saw a Brad Pitt movie called “Snatch” where he mumbled incomprehensibly – that is what Gordon sounds like.  He has such a gruff exterior.  

I think he just got tired of me falling behind.  He came back to where I was and ordered me to ride right behind him, within a foot of his back wheel.  It is called “drafting”.  I was not comfortable with the whole concept and started to drift a little to the right.  His hand flew up and he pointed at his wheel.  That was where I was to go and that was that!  Okay then.  I started to bring my peddle speed to his cadence and my speed was really rolling.  I followed him like a little puppy dog for the rest of the ride.  After the ride I thanked him; his demeanor softened and a big, proud smile came across his face.  Worth the ride.  


Pete could not be kinder.  He is our tail man.  He gently encourages the people in the back to pick up their pace.  I got to know him really well.  Imagine my surprise when he lit up a cigarette!  All of the athletes who are training us are so humble and soft spoken.  They are so incredibly accomplished, it is wonderful to hear their stories.


Our destination today was a café called, “The Chocolate Factory”.  Everyone was raving about this place not only for the beautiful beach view but the cakes they have.  I am sorry but, they need to get a taste of some of our decadent American pastries – I was not impressed.  Of course, I ate it anyhow.


Missed my travel buddy for the day.

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