Spain – Day 6

 Today we only did 22 miles.  It was fun and I am really getting stronger, fast.  We revisited several places that we have already seen.  The village at the top of the mountain was one of those places.  After lunch, we climbed those 365 steps!  Look what was at the top.    

 We got back early and hit the pool.  Everyone showed up there before dinner and we had a great time.  After dinner there was trivia quiz night.  My group came in second and won a water bottle each!  Woo-Hoo.  Tomorrow is going to be a longer ride and I am looking forward to it!  This is Richard; young at heart, worships the sun and enjoys his life!

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12 thoughts on “Spain – Day 6

  1. Hi Linda! I can’t comment on your posts because my computer is not set up and all I have is iPhone and iPad and for some reason they don’t let me comment. I cracked up tho when you said you wimped out and only doc 35 miles!! I’m lucky if I can do three!!

    Beautiful photos and it seems like each day you have a blast! I’m soooo happy for you!

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  2. Hi Andrea, I know what you mean about posting with an iPad. The WordPress App is very glitchy – I am having all kinds of issues trying to work around this thing. Hope you are doing well.


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