Spain – Day 8


Barcelona is so different than Majorca.  We went from island time to big, congested city.  I had no idea my friend was such a “planner”.  We got off the plane and hit the ground running!  She had every moment planned.  It was exhausting.  HELP ME!


Spiral staircase. 

My friend all proud of her organizational skills!


Detail work at the cathedral.   


Chimes from cathedral organ.  

We did a tour of the amazing Sagrada Familia unfinished cathedral.  It is just beautiful and it cannot ever be finished in my lifetime.  That took about 2 hours.


We then spent the next 5 hours riding around Barcelona in a “Double-Decker” bus.  At one point I was nodding out and falling asleep in my seat.  My friend’s response to this was to make me get a cup of really strong coffee and we pressed on.

We did not even eat dinner until 8pm.  I am an early diner, I hate having a full belly at bedtime.

We have a hammock in the middle of our apartment! 

When we finally got back to the apartment, showered, and got to hash out a few things we were in tears laughing at how funny the whole thing was.  She promises to go easier on me but I doubt it.  She is hilarious and full of desire to see everything she can in the next few days and I am going to try to keep up.  The bike rides were easier.


She is also bringing this silly little bobble-head of Chef Bartolino (Dallas) with us everywhere and getting pictures of it in front of everything.  Very funny!

I cannot wait to tell you about the shenanigans she has planned for tomorrow.  After I heard the words “metro-to-train-to-aerial cable car”, I went into a brain coma.

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