Spain – Day 9


Metro-Train-Cable Car; this happened!  It took us a while to figure it out, but we did it!  We took the Metro to the Train station, the Train to Montserrat, and a cable car to Montserrat Monastery.  The views are breath-taking.  It was easily the highest altitude I have ever been.

We had a wonderful lunch and spent the day roaming around.


I won’t get all philosophical on my views of gregarious churches and I certainly respect other’s opinions.  When I see a big, massive church like this, way up high in the mountains, I can only think of the sacrifice and lives lost trying to achieve some sort of closeness to God.  I understand that the human body needs to be housed and that people are extremely passionate about their religion but, a Silver altar?


We had gotten the audio tour and I ended up plugging the headphones into my phone to listen to music while patiently following my friend around this place.  The views were mind-boggling and they do make you feel a closeness to God and what He created.


My God created the views – man created the buildings and stuff around it.  Enjoy the pictures!


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12 thoughts on “Spain – Day 9

  1. Hi Linda! I am so enjoying yours posts in my first few crazy days actually living in my new house. (My computer was hooked up yesterday so I can start replying there.) I’m sure your friend is a lovely person and is also exactly the type I could never, ever travel with. I need to rest and relax a lot as the travel itself is so stressful for me. Sometimes I wish I could be more like her; driven and resilient under any circumstances anywhere I the world. But then I snuggle into my bed next to my husband with my precious golden retrievers around me and I’m happy I’m not more like her.

    Well, pretty soon your grueling flight home and then you can snuggle in your bed with your precious doggie. I bet you can’t wait!

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