Spain – Day 10


This was one of my favorite days in Barcelona.  It was unstructured!  We spent the day looking at the people, eating at random places, and no time schedules.  We had Sangria and a wonderful pasta dinner in a beautiful square with several restaurants and street performers.  I was still hungry so went went to the next café where we ate a pizza for dessert!


That evening we saw an exhibit of Gaudi’s Pedrera – it is an apartment house he built.  Such a gifted artist and his design is just amazing.  I am inspired to do a few things to my home!  Everything he did was organic and had function.  I love that.


Me in front of the model.


 The lobby.


The colors are so soothing.  Greens, yellows, oranges, peaches, and blues all going together beautifully.


From the top of the building at night!


He created a hide-away on the roof.


Just before dark.


His ceilings were simply amazing.  They were patterned after waves in the ocean.


No straight edges, everything curved.  The acoustics with this design make it so quiet and peaceful along with the organic murals in soft, muted colors.  I would love to live here.

The perfect end to an exciting adventure!  How can I top this?

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