Spain – Funny Things and After Thoughts


There were so many funny things that happened on this adventure.  Just experiencing another culture is so much fun.  Things that are done differently and seem odd at first give new insight to a different way of looking at things.

The people were great.  You get what you give in this life.  If you act like an “ugly” American, you will be treated like one.   I found that a smile and my limited knowledge of the Spanish language was enough to allow people to help me.  They would correct my pronunciation and I appreciated it.  It was like a game.  I would say the word incorrectly and they would correct me.  I would try again and they would correct me until I got it right.  I loved that!  We would both be smiling.  I was engaging with another human being – it was kind and respectful.

and bikebig one

My travel buddy was awesome!  She road one of the rides that I just did not feel strong enough to tackle.  I am so proud of her – it was a real accomplishment and she totally deserved the super-cool T-Shirt she got for doing it!  That is Doug on the right.  He was our group leader and kept us safe and motivated.


The first picture above is of Locks of Love that I assume just started because there are so few.  It is like the one in France where people leave a lock to signify their love – it will be interesting to see if this grows into a huge thing too.  The second picture is of a man running for something.  It struck me funny because all of the other posters and “Vota” signs were of people dressed in suits and very professional looking.  This guy is just a “regular” guy – of the people.  I hope he won, I think he’s cute.

Vendors @ Monestary

These are vendors at the Monastery that was way up high in the mountains.  Vendors?!?!  It was all food, mostly amazing cheeses.  At least they weren’t selling refrigerator magnets…..the magnets were in the Gift Shop.


These are American Indians.  They had a booth in the open-air market we went to on the second day.  They were selling colorful bracelets and other paraphernalia.  So funny and out of place.  Nice guys too!

penis treeHappy Pills

And, yes, you are not seeing things – that is a “Penis” tree!  This was a display of key rings being sold at the open-air market.  Really?  I can just see me whipping out my keys now – HA!  The “Happy Pills” pharmacy was in Barcelona.  Barcelona was so crowed with people I can see why you would need this.

penis buildganimal people

Okay, I know this looks like a Penis building – yes, it does.  It was explained that it was built to mimic a fish jumping out of the sea.  It is very shimmery to represent the scales of a fish.  Looks like a huge penis to me.  The second picture is of a window display in a Men’s Boutique.  Just plain funny.  Very creative.


Good to know!  Yuck, it’s never far away.

bags barcour apt

This is where we stayed in Barcelona.  Yes there is graffiti all over the place.  It was really nice inside.  During the day it looked like a plain alleyway.  At night, all those doors would open up and there were “Tapas & Beer” pubs everywhere.  It was exciting, loud, and the people were laughing and having a great time!  It was fun.

bags homepolice

Time to head home – boo, sad!  However, there must be some sort of law that all of the military in Spain are super-hot guys.  They were splayed throughout the city, at the monastery, and certainly in the airport.  Very distracting eye candy carrying machine guns.

airplane silly

We had the best time ever.  This is us after hours and hours in an airplane.  Slap-happy and a mess but, who cares.


I am home now with my sweet little girl.  She is exhausted from her vacation but still follows me every time I leave the room.  She won’t let me out of her sight!  It is nice to be loved.

Pictures will fade but memories will last forever.

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Spain – Day 4

Spain – Day 5

Spain – Day 6

Spain – Day 7

Spain – Day 8

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Spain – Day 10

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