“Stupid Guy” Act

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I met a couple who had been dating for approximately 8-9 months, Jack and Diane; both in their 50’s.

They were bickering and not shy about it.  Diane wanted to vent and did.  Apparently, Jack went on a date another woman, Jill.  Diane found out about it because Jill contacted her to let her know.  He had led Jill on for months.  

Diane and Jill were both extremely hurt and rightly so.

Jack met Jill on Facebook.  Jack claimed he thought Jill knew of his relationship, even though his Facebook page said he was “not in a relationship”.  Jack repeatedly claimed it was a harmless meeting and that somehow he was oblivious to reality.  Ridiculous and insulting.

Diane said something that really hit home to me; “I can only put up with the ‘Stupid Guy’ act so much.”

Oh, yes, I know – actions speak louder than words.  He obviously did not care about her and just wanted to enjoy the perks of being in a relationship while trying to find “The One”.  

I have thought about this encounter often and wondered how many times I have fallen for the “Stupid Guy” act because I wanted a relationship to work.  It takes two and someone that doesn’t love you is going to continue to try to upgrade and treat you with disrespect.  It’s unkind but true.

Women should not ignore the “Stupid Guy” act, it is HUGE.


8 thoughts on ““Stupid Guy” Act

  1. Ahh, the stupid guy act, I know it well. We as women really need to learn to see the writing on the wall and keep it moving when we do! Easier said than done, I know (I am a walking, breathing testament), but so critical! A great post!

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  2. Oh yeah, yuk. I’ve been married almost 20 years but I remember that type. It is soooo obvious if you just allow yourself to see it but SOOOOoooo easy to go into denial when you want something to work.

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  3. I’ve been married most of my life (really!) but still observe this going on with other couples. The sad part is these guys think women are buying in to this act. And how less- than- intelligent they must think women are? Where do they get ideas like this? Are they aware of how less-than-intelligent this makes them look? Maybe it’s like criminals thinking they won’t get caught because they are so much more intelligent than everyone else???

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  4. Debbie – Yes, you are so right. It is extremely insulting. The bottom line is that if a guy is doing the “Stupid” act; he doesn’t care about you, your feelings, or having a relationship. Why don’t they just move on and find what they want instead of wasting our time and disrespecting us?

    I have heard stories of married men doing simple chores badly so that they can get out of helping around the house. This is really the same thing – do they really believe that we think they cannot fold a towel to match the others?


  5. I think we get thrown off balance by “stupid guy act.” We’re uncertain and want to give him the benefit of the doubt so we focus on the good times we’ve had together, the time already invested, and all the flattering/nice/positive things he may have (also) said. We second guess ourselves: Maybe he’s having an *off* day. Maybe I really wasn’t clear enough. Maybe now that he knows what I want, he’ll act better.

    Just about the worst thing a man can do is play me below my worth. I may be uncertain for awhile but once I’m sure, I’m done.

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