Wonder Bra

I may have invented the first Wonder Bra. I and my middle sister became busty before my youngest sister.  My Ta-Ta’s were okay, my middle sister’s were bigger.  My youngest sister had none.  Boobs meant nothing to me; they just pretty much got in the way of my golf swing and hurt when I ran.  … More Wonder Bra



Super nice guy.  Down-to-earth, easy to talk to, and interested in me as well.  I would certainly go out with him if he asks.  He has a bum knee so he is not real active.  He said I motivated him and he may get back into the gym.  His passion is country music.  I just … More Rich


I think I met a normal man yesterday.  He was kind and soft spoken, told me I was pretty, and asked for my number.  He has not crazy text’d me or called me at inappropriate hours.  I know, it was only yesterday but that is really good.  Right? Travis is a retired fireman.  He has … More Travis

Emotional Blackmail

Candee.  We worked in different parts of town so we would meet on Sunday’s and have a casual lunch, visit an art festival, or just enjoy a day from our busy schedules.  We would occasionally attend other functions together but Sundays were a given.  I certainly thought we were friends, not sure what it was exactly. … More Emotional Blackmail

Auto Insurance

Okay, first off – Do NOT use “Compare.com” to check out competitive pricing!  They  sell your information to every insurance company in the world.  I was getting 6-8 calls per day.  I had to block  so many numbers.  Crazy! I ended up with my current company; The Hartford.  I noticed that I would get an … More Auto Insurance


Where do I begin?  When he initially contacted me through Match, I told him he was too young.  He is 50.  He let me know that 50 was not too young and that I should meet him.  I did. Saturday.  Tall, attractive, and a beautiful smile – what’s not to like?  Visually, he was the … More Mark

My Art

I make family portraits.  This is of a family with all their pets.  They had this amazing piece of yard art that was all rusted and brown in their back yard.  I first refurbished it with a new coat of paint.  Then, I took random pictures of each family member in various poses.  I painted the canvas, … More My Art

Men and Penis Pics

  I do not give out my personal information before I meet a man for many reasons.  One of the oddest reasons is the “Penis Pic”.   My girlfriends will be communicating with a man they have met through a dating website.  He seems nice, polite, engaged, and funny.  They are texting back and forth and … More Men and Penis Pics

This Morning

Not that this morning seems any different than any other day, Roary lays on my chest to wake me.  I scratch behind her ears and tell her how much I love her realizing it is 5am.  Normally she lets me sleep until 5:30 or 6, she must be hungry.  We do the breakfast ritual.  I … More This Morning