This Morning

Change hold let go

Not that this morning seems any different than any other day, Roary lays on my chest to wake me.  I scratch behind her ears and tell her how much I love her realizing it is 5am.  Normally she lets me sleep until 5:30 or 6, she must be hungry.  We do the breakfast ritual. 

I get a text from a friend asking if he can crash on my couch until work starts.  He and his wife are my very best friends.  It may seem odd to some.  We love each other like friends do.  It is a normal, healthy, platonic, and respectful relationship.  Besides, if you know me well, you know I do NOT mess with married men.  He had dropped his wife off at the airport.  His office is very near where I live.  His home is about 45 minutes from the airport – ridiculous to go all the way home. 

I say; “Of course”. 


I am having my morning coffee.  My friend is in the fetal position on the couch sleeping like a baby with Roary all snuggled up next to him.  Took a picture and texted it to his wife, so cute. 

Naturally, I wonder if I will be alone forever.  It’s hard being single sometimes and this reminds me how nice it is to have a friend near, just the presence of a compatible human being.  I wonder if they realize how lucky they are. 

Now at work, my first client arrives.  This will be Lily’s second treatment with me.  We are working on a scar.  She told me a little about herself during her first visit.  She had a trauma and had to have surgery – her scar is rather big and parts of it have started to keloid.  I can fix that.  It will take time but, I can fix her physical scar. 

I know that she has two small children and that her husband passed.  She is young, 30-ish and bearing a huge loss.  She wears her pain, tries to hide it but it is there still close to the surface.  Her strength is overwhelming to me.  She is bringing herself and her two children through this incomprehensible event with a power that is beyond words. 

Lily is talking more about what happened today.  They were in a boating accident at a local lake over a year ago.  Her children were with her.  She saved her children with some inner, super strength that mothers get in situations like this.  She said every muscle in her body ached for weeks after the event.  Her husband did not make it.

Physically, she is amazingly strong now – does Cross Fit!  I understand that her heart and soul will take a little longer to heal. 

My “Woa-Is-Me” over being alone has turned to dust and I wonder if I could somehow mend her heart for her.

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